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     In today's litigious society, there has been a significant increase in the number of claims filed involving Owners, Contractors and others in responsible charge of roadways, bridges, airports, bus terminals, buildings and plants, parking areas, etc. alleging negligence or some other failure to protect the public or the user from unnecessary risks. Very often the plaintiff files a claim, and makes representations which appears supported by a detailed engineering report prepared by a consultant which allegedly demonstrates the defendant was deficient.

Our personnel have been instrumental in working with various clients, in performing reviews of and preparation of claims and claim defenses on projects that are being litigated. To accomplish this we draw upon our depth of professional experience as Contractors, Project Managers and Arbitrators and focus on the specific allegations presented. Our professionals assess the representations made in the claim and after thorough review furnish an independent opinion. These assessments provide an understanding of the client's risks, potential liabilities and include detailed discussions on what defense posture may be appropriate.

Our firm has a wide network of sub consultants that specialize in particular fields and which we sometimes utilize in the preparation of certain specialty reports. We consolidate project information into a detailed report format stating the claim or defense positions along with complete cost calculations. We participate in settlement negotiations and provide expert testimony, both in deposition and at trial. In our 19-year history, our involvement in project disputes has been very conducive to achieving resolution, such that we have had only one case go to trial and that case is still under appeal. Our claim analysis assignments have ranged from $10,000 to $50 million.

The multidisciplinary nature of Bass Consulting, Inc. enables us to draw upon the professional skills of Contractors and Project Managers with experience in civil, structural, and electro-mechanical systems on a wide variety of projects. In addition, Bass Consulting, Inc. is staffed with professionals who have performed as Arbitrators for the American Arbitration Association in cases involving in excess of sixteen hundred (1,700) hours.




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