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   As a leader in its field Bass Consulting, Inc. personnel provide professional assistance to Owners, Contractors and agencies focused on claims avoidance and resolution.

Our claims avoidance strategies have included the implementation of a number of specific management tasks, all of which have as a goal the minimization of the risk associated with the project, thereby reducing the potential for claims. These reviews also reduce the potential for delays during construction which can lead to costly claims. We are able to assist in developing detailed specifications which clearly state Contractor requirements to develop a construction schedule and timely notification system which will allow the Owner to rapidly mitigate problems which arise.

Claims resolution techniques successfully utilized by our staff are focused on developing a clear understanding of the construction program at hand, whether it be during an active project or to resolve claims asserted upon completion of the program. Our staff will provide the Owner or Contractor with a fair analysis of the Contractor's as-planned schedule versus the actual schedule of work which occurred. Consistent with industry practices, we review job documentation and provide sound advice to Owners or Contractors on any potential liability they may have associated with the problem or dispute under review. Our personnel have been highly successful in reaching equitable and amicable settlements.

Our ability to limit risk to Owners and Contractors in resolving design and construction disputes has been demonstrated on many projects. This has been achieved through the application of alternative dispute resolution techniques, involving a fair analysis of all job records, issues and documentation. Bass' personnel using their Arbitration & Mediation experience have proved to be a material benefit to Owners and Contractors in avoiding claim avoidance. 


Claims Avoidance





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