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   A constructibility review is a thorough comprehensive analysis of the drawings and specifications typically conducted prior to a project being bid. It identifies errors and inconsistencies which could result in added contract costs during construction or claims, during or after construction. Simply defined, constructibility is the "ease with which a designated project can be built, and the ease with which the contract document can be understood, bid, administered and enforced."

Our staff will review the drawings and specifications, and perform an in-depth analysis of the various elements included in the construction packages associated with the work.

During the course of this review, a field visit will be made to thoroughly assess the site conditions and to ensure the site conditions are adequately represented on the construction plans. This site visit will include a review of available lay-down areas and access to construction areas for Contractors' heavy equipment which maintains existing traffic flow for Owners, deliveries and operations. Also, considered is the location of existing overhead utilities, adequate representation in the condition of existing facilities either owned by the client or outside agencies, as well as an assessment that the site conditions are generally well represented on the plans. These independent reviews will be conducted by our staff, who have detailed experience in construction as contractors, superintendents, arbitrators, disputes review board panelists, and claims consultants. 

These independent reviews, while most effective in limiting unforeseen construction costs and in providing claims avoidance, also serve well as Quality Assurance initiatives by Owners or Contractors. Maximum benefits may be realized in projects where existing facilities are to be rehabilitated or upgraded and in situations where the design consultant has limited construction background. Our review comments will be communicated to the various design consultants on behalf of the Owner or Contractor, in a manner that encourages a cooperative effort in reconciling plan differences consistent with the client's goals to control construction time, cost, and quality.









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