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   Construction management is the key to successful project implementation. This requires a commitment to performance, schedule and budget. The process of transforming an engineering project from concept to reality requires close monitoring of operations, coordination of working trades, control of costs and clear documentation of progress as the work proceeds. Bass Consulting, Inc. construction management personnel are equipped to provide these services.

Our services for each construction management assignment are tailored to the specific needs of an Owner's organization with a focus on enhancing control of construction time, cost and quality. Our professional staff will provide detailed inspection, management and other consulting services for the project. Our goal is to ensure the work will be accomplished in conformance with acceptable construction industry standards, in compliance with the requirements of the contract documents and the needs of the Owner or Contractor and in a manner which avoids claims.

Project control and scheduling are routinely conducted as an integral part of our construction management services. Professional evaluations of network schedules, computer generated on a regular basis, provide "hands-on" control of all aspects of the project. Our construction manager works closely with the client from the outset of the project to establish construction budgets, set realistic timetables and aid in making critical decisions governing cost and quality. All of which reduces and many times eliminates claims.

In managing a construction project, Bass Consulting, Inc. establishes a positive system of communication and coordination between the Contractor, Owner, Designer, Utility Companies, and Public and Private Agencies. Clear lines of communication are set up, with single points of contact at each agency for direct and clear exchange of information. Written and oral communication are utilized as appropriate. Documentation is maintained for an accurate record of events.

The Bass Consulting, Inc. CM team recognizes the need to effectively manage projects to a successful completion. Our staff is fully prepared to provide services which will allow your organization to enjoy improved control over capital programs.










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